The highest village in Bohemia (1065 m), originally a woodcutters´ settlement of the 15th or 16th century. Recreation centre in Šumavské Pláně area with neo-Gothic church of St. Stephen from the years 1892 to 1894. Gold used to be panned in the local stream. Popular ski tracks to horská Kvilda. In summer protected moorland landscape with dwarf-pine, mosses, stunted birchtrees, etc.

Infocentre - č.p. 14, 384 93 Kvilda, tel: +420-388 435 544, e-mail:

Sight of village KvildaSight of village Kvilda
Sight of village
Church of St. Stephen in KvildaChurch of St. Stephen in Kvilda
Church of St. Stephen
Winter near KvildaWinter near Kvilda
Village in winter